About Us

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ProVest intends to be the ideal strategic partner for individual and business entities, both local and foreign clients, in real estate. We continuously seek opportunities to improve our processes, enhance our Cebu real estate knowledge, and hire the best people who are committed to give only the best service to our clients. These are the ways on how we can ensure credibility, authority, integrity, and trustworthiness.


ProVest aims to provide our clients, whether individuals or businesses, the most ideal Cebu high-valued properties for their needs and according to their preferences, using dedication, comprehensive research, consistent consultations, and full support to investment decisions and plans. Living and breathing our slogan Your Home—Our Mission, ProVest works on matching the best homes according to your needs and making the process convenient through strong customer support and assistance from search to purchase and moving in.


Commitment, right to a high-valued property investment, and need to provide the best real estate property for our clients—these are the basic but important principles, the main reasons why Provest was born.

ProVest Real Estate Services was officially launched in November 2011. In less than 3 years, we have grown to (number of employees) and have served (total number of clients).

The road wasn’t truly easy, but we’re able to achieve this much over a short amount of time because:

  • We stay committed to our mission and vision—we have always put the real estate investment needs of our clients at the forefront.
  • We value loyalty, and thus, we give recognition to clients and agents who can provide us with repeat purchases and referrals. So far, we have over 80% retention and referral rate.
  • We put a lot of premium on knowledge and expertise. We never tire learning the market trends, standards, and laws that revolve around real estate, especially in Cebu.
  • We are available every step of the way, from selection and comparison of properties, to actual viewing all the way to purchase and even property management.
  • We are transparent and honest. There’s no other way to do business than with these two values.
  • We provide our clients a comprehensive and impressive portfolio: single family homes, townhouses, apartments, beach lots, low- to high-end subdivisions, commercial buildings, warehouses, and condominiums, to name a few.
  • We value relationships.

ProVest thrives, becoming one of the leading real estate companies in Cebu, because we are clear with our goals and we have YOU as our inspiration in everything we do.