Hiring Sales Agents

I am Provest
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Real estate turns out to be one of the thriving and sustainable industries in the world, especially in Cebu. It has grown to more than 15% over the last few years and is expected to soar even higher as OFWs use their remittance to acquire properties for personal use or investment and as Philippines becomes more open in the upcoming ASEAN integration by 2015. This simply means that investors, particularly within Asia, will find putting up businesses and collaborating with our existing enterprises quicker and more convenient.

In line with this, we can anticipate a growth not only in population but also in businesses and expats, and all of these are huge potential real estate market.

Why Do You Have to Work with a Brokerage?

In the Philippines, only a brokerage is allowed to sell a wide variety of properties, from residential to commercial and agricultural. These brokers, however, can build a team composed of real estate agents who will then help the company sell these properties to the market.

Whether you decide to become a broker or start as an agent, working with a brokerage ensures you are a legitimate employee in the real estate industry.

Choose Provest

Provest is one of the leading brokerage firms in Cebu. Founded by Annjoreca Altubar, the company is anchored to its main mission—that is, help everyone find the right property according to their needs, wants, and budget, among others.

Over the years that we have been in the business, we have built a solid reputation among our buyers and excellent partnership with developers all over the country. We have proven ourselves to be trustworthy, strategic, and dependable.

When it comes to our agents and applicants, we also look for the same characteristics. Although experience and education can be great foundations in real estate, it’s tenacity, dedication, hard work, teamwork, trainable, discipline, and passion that will propel them to the top.

And Provest will be right here to offer all the support they need to succeed:

  • no joining fee
  • free business card and stickers
  • free use of the office including the WiFi, office supplies, and equipment
  • superb technical and general marketing support and lead generation from the managers
  • increasing commission rate
  • highly qualified office staff as your back-end and front-end support
  • promotion based on performance
  • regular training, seminars, conferences, and continuing education
  • potential to earn unlimited income
  • chance to make this career into a full-time business and legacy to your family
  • free online and offline marketing training

Here at Provest we practice healthy competition. It is only fair that we motivate our agents to do their best and obtain achievements. But more than anything else, we are a family, and as such, we encourage one another, share in one another’s failures and successes, and together reach for the same dreams.

We are Provest. And we can’t wait for you to become one either.

Please visit our I Am Provest Facebook page for more information or send us an e-mail for your resume. We process applications as quickly but as efficiently as we can.