Services Offered

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If there is one thing you should remember when buying or selling properties, it is that every real estate transaction is not unlike getting a haircut. You always need help from a professional. Owning or selling a home – or any property, for that matter – may be too daunting a task for the uninitiated. Property investments involve significant amount of money for which you may be paying in the next twenty or thirty years of your life – and, this is not an exaggeration. Hence, you require the most informed of judgments to avoid any remorse over the investment you make. And, that is exactly what ProVest aims to deliver in every transaction we have with our clients. We make it our mission to provide you with the essential knowledge required in all real estate dealings. ProVest is composed of reliable individuals who make it their purpose to provide the most intelligent assistance on real estate investing.


Real estate investing doesn’t need to be more complicated than it already is. We believe in an honest exchange of values between our clients and us. We ensure integrity and trustworthiness in all of our client interactions. We pride over our sincerest transparency when it comes to our clients’ investments. As it always has been, honesty is the best policy – even more so in today’s digital world. While stories of information manipulation abound, ProVest remains steadfast in respecting the virtue of transparency in all of our transactions. We value the trust implied in every customer transaction from inquiry to the owning of their dream property. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of properties such as family homes, townhouses, apartments, beach lots, low to high-end subdivision, commercial buildings, warehouses, condominiums, among others. We offer educated recommendations based on the needs of our clients. We make it a point to be with our clients in every step of the way: from the selection and comparison of properties, to site visits, to the purchasing of the property and even to property management after the property is turned over to our clients. Above anything else, we value relationship. We believe in taking care of our clients. We aim at providing the best customer support there is with customer satisfaction as our guiding principle.


No. You don’t need to pay us at all.

Contrary to popular belief, clients don’t pay realty firms. There is no extra amount being paid on top of the Total Contract Price (TCP) of the properties to real estate firms. Our clients do not pay extra to ProVest. In the spirit of transparency, let us set this straight. While clients do not pay us, we are still a business enterprise. As a business, we need revenue to thrive but our clients need not fret about it because it is already taken care of by our affiliated developers. Property developers require help in selling their properties and that is why they do business with us. Many prime developers in Cebu have a healthy business relationship with ProVest built upon mutual respect and trust, providing us with the most extensive and comprehensive list of properties our clients may choose from. Please note, however, that we are still an independent brokerage firm. We endorse not only one developer or a specific project. We based our recommendations on the needs and preferences of our clients. If a client prefers one property to another, then we are more than happy to assist her or him in the process regardless of the
developer or the project. We cannot stress enough the importance of the value we place in the relationship with our clients. Be part of our growing list of satisfied clients. Take control of your investing future now and work with us. Invest in viable and well-thought of properties now. The only best time to own your home is today. The only best time to invest in your future is today. You deserve it. Remember: yesterday, you said tomorrow.


Properties are great investments. There is this often-quoted adage which says: real estate investors get rich while sleeping. This may be exaggerated but not much. Property investments are concrete examples of passive cashflow generation. But, they may become quite a burden especially when you are juggling a couple other things more – which many of us are actually doing. You have to think about marketing, tenant evaluation, rent collection, maintenance, among many other things. Sooner, you will find yourself biting off more than you can chew.

ProVest has a team of qualified property advisors who can take care of your properties as if they are their own so you can be at peace knowing your investments are in good hands. We take off the burden off you giving you more time to focus on things that are more important.
Note, however, that we manage properties according to how our clients want them to be managed. We align our perspective with yours ensuring you get the most out of your investments. After all, we are in the business of relationships.


The hard truth is loans are quite a piece of work. Long application queues, countless paperworks, hundreds of appointments – you name them all. You have to go through the whole nine yards just to get the loan you badly need… and you wait. That is the worst part – waiting.
ProVest helps you go all through these more easily than they usually are. We also enjoy an amazing relationship with several financial institutions thus giving our clients a higher percentage of approval for their loan applications. Rest assured that a group of professionals is at your beck and call.


Property valuation can be complicated as it is essential especially when you are planning to buy, sell and mortgage. ProVest has consistently provided reliable valuation services to a wide variety of clients. We offer appraisal services for any type of residential, commercial and industrial properties.
With an aggregate amount of experience of more than a hundred of professional property advisors, ProVest ensures accurate and reliable valuations through comprehensive research, consistent consultations and full professional support in your investing endeavors.


Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of our organization. We always believe that each client has his or her own unique preferences and we value that above all other things.
Why clients trust us with their leasing concerns?
The answer is simple: peace of mind. We assure two things for our clients: convenience and trustworthiness. We believe that a leasing contract is not merely an agreement about a temporary use or possession of land or property for a fixed rate. More than anything else, it is a relationship built on mutual trust – which can be an elusive thing really especially in the corporate world. ProVest cements that trust between the lessee and the lessor. We believe that there is no other way to do business than nurture relationships.